What Can I Make To Sell Online To Make Money

In order for me to make money online, I will need to provide something that will be of interest to people.

If I don’t have anything to offer then I have no way of making money

. If you want to see what I am making to get extra money in my pockets, then read on.

Let’s get started!

In this month of December, my list of channels will increase.

In November, I started two blogs. One is the MoneyScooterBlog (that you are on right now) and the other one was a sports related blog. So far, I havent made any profit or any money from these. So that means that my November earnings were Zero.

I am now Adsense approved, so that’s one way of making money for me. However, I don’t yet have enough traffic on my websites.

In December, I have created another sports related blog and I am just waiting for it to get indexed in Google. If you want, you can start a blog without having a domain but in my opinion, at some point you have to own your domain so why not start with one?

In the next few days, I will be creating a YouTube channel and another blog.

So, in total, by the end of this year, I should have 4 blogs on different subjects and perhaps two YouTube channels.

I have also applied to some affiliate programs as I don’t want to simply rely on the Adsense program. For me, the best ways to make money online is by diversifying your sources of income.

My plan is to also start finding paid jobs, so I could make money. I will be selling my content writing services soon.

This was a quick update from me to tell you what am I selling online to make money. I will provide more details when something good happens!


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