Top 3 Ways To Earn Online Just For You

When I started working online, it was like living in a fairy tale. Now, I am talking about year 2009.

Things have moved a bit but the fundamentals remain. What I used to see back then, I see now too – only with the addition of social media and videos.

The basics that were used back then are still used now – content, context and solving a problem.

I am now back in the again after a decade long break and here are my top 3 ways of making money online.

Write content for others

This is how I started in the industry. Just few days ago I came across an ad on Linkedin where a company was hiring content writers. I reflected back to my days and thought not much has changed.

This is the easiest way of making money online. Why? Because you are offering a service to someone who will pay you for it. Instead of relying on Youtube or Google algorithm, this is a sure shot way of getting money in return of your efforts.

Another reason why I promote this as the easiest way is that you only need a basic understanding of the language that you are going to write articles in. Look at my own writing style and grammar – its not perfect, but I can convey my message.

Spend some time learning about content writing and try freelancing websites where you can offer your services.

Write content for you

Now, this one I find the most satisfying but results may or may not be there. By results I mean, income.

You will most certainly only write articles for you if you have a website. The website need to be monetised in some shape or form. In order to make money, your website need to receive qualified traffic. So you can see there is a lot to do in this space and is not as simple as the writing content for others.

However, this is the long game. You can create your own websites such as affiliate, adsense based, offer advertisement space etc. It will take time to rank your websites, bring traffic to it but once its there, you will almost have a passive income from your websites. The amount of work required here is more in the beginning and less once the websites start to make money – hence it’s the long game.

A quick google search with keywords “affiliate program” will reveal different organisations that are willing to give you commission for selling their products online.

Offer other services

While content is certainly required, there are other things that a website or a video needs.

From graphics to search engine optimisation, to pull a website or a channel many services are required.

This is where you can make or leave money at the table. If you can learn a skill that is in demand, then there is no stopping you.

Go to and see what others are offering as a service. Do you think you can offer those or learn them to then start selling your services?

With may online courses available, skills can be learned within weeks – so you could up and running in no time.

Hope the above was helpful. There is so much information available online these days that making money is very much a reality for most of us.