How Can I Make Money Right Now Online in 2023? Let’s Dive In

It’s 2023 (well, almost) and the big question that you have on your mind and the one that I aim to answer is ‘How can I make money right now online’?

Can you make money online in 2023

You may have already done a quick google search before jumping on to this website to find answers to it and I can tell you from experience that it can be overwhelming.

So what is it that this blog post aims to do differently than other websites and YouTube videos?

Well, the answer to that is very simple – I am EXACTLY at the point where you are RIGHT NOW!

I had this same exact question of ‘can I make money right now online in 2023’ earlier this month, if yes then what are some easy ways to make money? Ways that won’t require me to invest tens of thousands of dollars upfront.

Now, I want to be transparent with you before we proceed further.

I quit my online business

About a decade ago, for almost four years, all I was doing was making money online.

Now you maybe wondering that if I was already doing that then what is the point of this blog post? What happened from then to now? To know a little bit of my background, go check out my blog post that I did a few days ago explaining what exactly happened and why I quit my online business that made me money many times more money than my peers.

Okay, so without further ado, let’s dive in. I want to give you a step by step approach to break it down for you.

Step by step approach is good but can you make money online?

If you’ve made it this far into the blog post then I want to congratulate you. Stay with me and you’re going to find wealth of information today.

Since I have already earned before I know that there is money to be made. So this answers the questions – can you actually make money online?

Be assured that its possible – however, be very careful. A lot of these YouTubers and online websites that claim to make thousands and millions of dollars might not actually be making that much.

I am not saying that you can’t do it. Yes, its very much possible but the chances of that happening overnight are a little thing.

In this article, we’re going to cover ways that will make you money quickly but also in the long run. You could even quit your day job following these methods.

To start earning decent money online, you will need to put in the effort and build systems that work for you. Your system might look very different to mine depending on how much resource you have available at your end. However, one only arrives at a system that works after they START their journey.

I am going to provide you a template that I am using that you can take simply and make your own. However, I suggest that you make small tweaks to it depending on your availability of resources etc.

Step 1 – what interests you?

Make a list of topics that interest you. Put down 10 topics e.g. food, travel, medicine etc.

Now this activity needs to happen over a period of three days – why? Because I want you to understand that you’ve really nailed down your interests, as opposed to what ‘felt’ right the day you wrote your list.

Do a revision of this list the next day and the day after. Add/substract however you want.

By the end of the third day, you should have a list of topics that you really do like.

Step 2 – niche down

Pick two topics out of the list that you think you could write about. Yes, you’re going to start writing.

I want you to think of as many sub topics in these two topics that you can come up to write. The trick here is that these topics need to be solving a problem. Think what others might need help with in the topics you’ve chosen.

(Note: If at this stage you feel like you didn’t chose the right topics, don’t hesitate to go back to step one.)

I know that you must be wondering that these steps seem very slow and that your question was ‘can I make money right now online?’. Yes, I have got that covered too. What I want you to understand is that its not always about ‘right now’. You want to be in a position where you reap the benefits of the work you did for years to come. Hence we must build systems that allow you to expand you money streams.

Step 3 – see if you’ve got the skills

I want you to write articles on the subtopics you’ve chosen. Write articles of any 4 subtopics within each topic.

This will give you an idea in terms of how much time and effort it takes you to write an article and if you were to do it on an ongoing basis. You first article will be tough but by the time you reach to your 8th article, your mind should be flowing with ideas.

This exercise is very important to get your brain to fire all those ideas signals.

Step 4 – publish yourself

I want you to now post these articles on the internet. Yes, its time to let your content go into the depths of the wild web. Remember, you have chosen two topics, so you will need to create two separate blogs.

There are two ways how you can set up a blog.

One way is free. I have written a post for those wanting to publish for free and have been asking  ‘can I start a blog without a domain?’.

For those seeking a bit more control (and also my preferred way) please grab a domain name and a blog style website to post your articles on. You can find many tutorials online on how to get a domain name and set up a blog – so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Step 5 – get paying customers

Now that you have your content online and for everyone to see, I am going to ask you to start seeking clients who would pay for you to write their content. This will be your immediate money making method.

To know what how to find paying clients who would hire you as their content writer, visit my blog post ‘how to find content writing jobs?

You will also need to know the basics of how to write content that is search engine optimised (SEO). Content that has good SEO is what the clients are paying for apart from decent quality of the article. SEO is also what’s going to play a key role in your own blog making you money.

All your articles need to have keywords and good SEO done before it goes to your client and on your websites.

Step 6 – keep going with your website

While you are focusing on finding paying clients for your content services, I want you to keep building your own blog’s content too. Make it a point to post their once every three days.

Set up some time aside over the weekend to write two blog decent quality blog posts and publish them during the week on set days.

I would even urge you to write 4 articles in a week if you can. The logic behind this is that more content you post at regular interval, the more search engine bots will come to your website. More fresh content means it will get easier to build your website’s credibility and trust.

Also, install Google Analytics tracking code on your website plus Google Webmaster Tools. Please note, you may or may not be able to use these services if you’ve opted to post on free websites.

With more regular content being posted, your website will start to see more traffic and that’s what we want for our next step.

Step 7 – make money from your website

Apply to get Google Adsense approved. This is where you will start to make money from your own blog sites.

A super quick Google Adsense intro. Google pays you to display advertisements on your website. The more traffic you receive, the more clicks you get on ads that you will have on your website. All you need to do is insert Google Adsense code once Google approves you into their programme.

Pick one of your website and apply using that website.


Wait for at least 20 blog posts before you apply.

Once approved, you can use the same code on N number of your websites. So no need to apply for each website.

Step 8 – repetition and consistency is the key

Keep repeating steps 5 and 6. You will notice that over time you’re not only building your client base of paying customers, improving your reputation and ratings but you’re also building a long term money making machine.

When you run out of time to do things and are making decent money, that’s when you go to step 9.

Step 9 – scale your business

This is where it starts to get juicy. This last step will launch you into space!!

Let’s say you’re now focussed on content writing and have many paying clients. You’re also posting on your website.

However, the problem is that you don’t have enough time to take on more work – meaning you’re leaving money at the table.

When you reach this stage – we’re going to work on scaling your business.

The magic begins now.

You’re going to find one person who is willing to help you out in writing content – yes, I am talking of hiring other freelancers to help you out.

The deal will be that you take a percentage cut as a commission to any work that you pass on to this other freelancer. PLEASE NOTE: You assign them the jobs. So you’re not passing on their details to your paying customers. Please keep in mind that this is important that you don’t reveal all your cards.

By following the above method, you will have a bunch of freelancers writing content for you, that you in turn will quality assess before sending them to your client.

This will make you 10 times more than you can ever make by yourself.


You could even get these freelancers to now write content for your own website – meaning you can increase the rate at which you post! Meaning more traffic! Meaning more money IN YOUR BANK!!

Imagine you were only writing 5 pieces of content daily when it was only you working.

Now you have a team of 5 people writing 5 pieces of content for you daily. That is 5 times 5 = 25. You have to give money to your freelancers who are helping you out. So maybe you give them $8 for a piece and keep $2 as a commission.

Let’s add your 5 pieces too. That takes the total content pieces number to 30.

Lets say you get paid $10 per content (this will vary depending on your deal with the clients. But for the sake of our example here, lets say you’re selling each article for $10.)

Before you made only = $50 per day

Now you make

= 25 x $2 in commissions = $50


$50 of the 5 articles you write daily

= $100

You’ve just doubled your daily income!! Congratulations!!

But wait, let’s not forget the websites that you own. In 6 months time or so, the traffic to your website will have grown to a substantial amount and you could be making anywhere from $100 a month to $1000 to an upwards of I DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH.. World is your oyster when it comes to internet.

Now I want you to take the above and read it twice before forgetting about this blog post.

As you read through the content, I want you to visualise the possibilities. Example, your 5 freelancers could be writing 10 pieces each a day. This would mean that just from your freelancers, you’re making more in commissions than you do with your own writing. A $100 daily in commissions without having to write anything, is a pretty good deal to me if you ask me!!

So, good luck with your journey! I have just answered your question of ‘can i make money online right now‘ or in 2023. If you keep at it then I am sure you will make it.

I have re-started my journey to making money online, and if you want to know what I am going to be doing and where I will land, visit my first blog post where I talk about what I am going to do to make money online in 2023.